ITSP 40.006 V2 Overview

The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) has recently updated its IT Media destruction guidelines to ITSP 40.006 V2.

Multishred is capable of providing services and equipment to meet ITSP 40.006 V2

CSE’s ITSP 40.006 V2 IT Media Sanitization document provides information on the sanitization and destruction of IT Media at various security sensitivities.

ITSP 40.006 V2 replaces ITSG-06 and updates and strenghtens the sanitization and destruction requirements due to increased data density and the proliferation of devices such as cell phones and USB memory sticks.

Our services and equipment are capable of meeting ITSP 40.006 V2 up to and including Top Secret for all IT Media.

Below are examples of the new requirements.


Hard Drives / Floppy Disks

Low Sensitivity
Unclassified / Pro A

HD Pro A Unclassified Coin

Med Sensitivity
Confidential / Pro B

HD Pro B Confidential Coin

High Sensitivity
Secret – TS / Pro C

HD Pro C Secret / Top Secret Coin

Cell Phones / USB

Phone/USB Pro B Confidential Coin
Phone/USB Pro B Confidential Coin
SSD USD Phone Pro C Confidential Coin

CD / DVD Optical Media

CD/DVD Pro A Unclassified Coin
CD/DVD Pro B Confidential Coin
CD/DVD Pro C Secret / Top Secret Coin

Back Up Tape / DLT / LTO/ VHS

Tape Pro A Unclassified Coin
Tape Pro B Confidential Coin
Tape Pro C Secret Top Secret Coin

This new standard will ensure data security and eliminate the risk of a data breach.