Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about our services or equiment.

How can I be guaranteed that my sensitive documents have been completely destroyed?

At the end of every project, a Certificate of Destruction is issued to clients by our Chief Security Officer or Designated Official assuring them that their materials have been completely destroyed. Clients are encouraged to witness the shredding process if they would like.

What if I only need to use your service one time or for an annual clean-up?

We provide shredding services for Government, Corporate, Home Office and Individual clients. Whatever your requirements, from regularly scheduled pick-ups to one time purges, we are happy to meet your shredding and data destruction needs.

What size jobs do you accept?

No matter what size your organization or project is, we feel that it is important to provide the same high level of service from small home shredding projects to large scale  destruction projects. We provide services to government and large corporations, small/medium size businesses, home offices and individual clients.

Does Multishred conduct background checks on its employees?

Yes. At Multishred all of our Employees, including Drivers, Handlers, Administrative, and Customer Service Representatives undergo extensive background checks and are security-cleared by our Chief Security Officer.

Are there any hidden fees to your services?

No. There are no hidden fees. At Multishred there is no cost for the Destruction Certificate, no fuel surcharge, no account maintenance fees, no charges for recycling cardboard or binders, no service initiation fees, no cost for removing metal “bulldog” clips.

Is there a fuel surcharge for your services?

No. At Multishred we do not charge any additional fees. Competitors may charge15% or more of the total invoice for additional fees such as a fuel surcharges.

What should I shred and what can Multishred destroy?

Multishred can shred almost anything! Paper documents, financial statements, credit and debit cards, passports, photos, ID badges, uniforms, microfiche,  medical records, architectural drawings, books, and more. As well we specialize in shredding IT media such as computer hard drives and servers, cell phones,  floppy disks, CD’s & DVD’s, audio & video tapes, backup tapes such as DLT’s, Controlled Goods and more.

Do you have paper recycling services?

Yes. From the first day of operation we have been reducing the environmental impact associated with dumping material into landfills. We completely dismantle all IT Media, including hard drives, in order to maximize the amount of material that can be recycled.  As well, 100% of the paper that has been shredded at Multishred is recycled into new paper products.

What happens to items such as binders that can’t be recycled?

At Multishred we are committed to the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Shredding binders would contaminate the shredded paper and the paper mills would not accept the material for recycling.

If we purchase a new shredder will you recycle my old shredder?

Yes. When you receive the new shredder we will remove the old unit and completely recycle it.

Do you provide storage and management of digital media?

Yes. We offer off-site tape storage and back up/retrieval services in our secure facility.