JBF 3850 HD Micro

High Security Hard Drive and IT Media Shredding

The JBF 3850 HD Micro is a mid-size industrial level disintegrator.

  • The only Dual Shaft disintegrator on the market
  • Low rpm, high torque
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Extremely low noise
  • Simple to operate
  • Very low maintenance
  • Variable security levels (output size) depending on output screen selection

Designed for IT Media destruction, the strength and versatility of this machine allow it to support a wide range of applications as noted below.

Multishred’s engineering team will work with you to customize your machine in areas including, in-feed, cutter design, frame size and out-feed design to meet your specific requirements.

Government of Canada Approved

The JBF 3850 HD Micro is Government of Canada approved for the destruction of hard drives, hard drive platters and like material up to Top Secret under CSE ITSP 40.006 V2 Guidelines.  The security level of this machine can be varied by the output screen selected and ranges from Protected B to Top Secret.

Medium to High Volume


  • Hard Drive Platters
  • Complete Hard Drives
  • SSDs
  • CD/DVD
  • DLT Tapes
  • Videotapes
  • Small – Mid calibre ammunition casings
  • Circuit boards

Brand JBF
Model 3850 HD Micro
Input Material RCMP Hard Drives, Platters, DLT/LTO
RCMP Approval Up to Top Secret
Other Inputs Shell Casings, Circuit Boads, plus
Supply Voltage 220V 3 Phase
Motor Power 4 kW
Cutting Zone 380 x 500mm
Operating RPM 11
Weight 1350 kg
Dimensions (appox.) 130 x 130 x 200 cm