Secure performance in the office or your industrial services


With the current age of information technology, lively spy-wars, national security, industrial espionage and identity theft, preventing the interception of classified data assets and shredding of personal or company information has become a matter of necessity. Government departments, corporations, military agencies, legal firms, hospitals, banking and insurance as well as private enterprises and individuals all have the need to protect their data and intellectual property.


Multishred offers a complete line of durable, low maintenance paper and IT media shredders from personal, office shredders, digital sanitizers, industrial shredders to disintegrators and baler/compactors systems. If your require shredder supplies such as shredder oil, bags, automatic oil pumps, parts or service, MultiShred provides you with the best possible shredder solution and service.


NMSO for shredding equipment

The Multishred – PWGSC Supply Arrangement Number: E60HN-12SHRD/010/HN is for the purchase of office paper shredders. Industrial shredders of any type or brand name are not covered by the PWGSC Supply Arrangement from any company, brand or supplier.


Gov. approved for paper, Type II-Level 6, Top Secret Gov. approved for paper, Type II-Level 5, Top Secret Gov. approved for paper, Type IIIA, Confidential
Intimus 502SF
Intimus 602SF
Intimus 702SF
Intimus 175CC6
HSM 125.2HS L6
HSM 225.2HS L6
HSM 390.3HS L6
HSM 411.2HS L6
Infostroyer 201
Intimus 402HS
Intimus 502HS
Intimus 602HS
HSM 125.2HS L5
HSM 225.2HS L5
HSM 390.3HS L5
HSM 411.2HS L5
Intimus 302CC
Intimus 402CC
Intimus 452CC
Intimus 502CC
Intimus 602CC
Gov. approved for bulk paper,Type IIIB, Conf. Gov. approved for IT media, Protected A-B/C Industrial volume shredders
Intimus 702CC
Intimus 852CC

Herbold SMS3542 Disintegrator
Herbold SMS4560 Disintegrator
Infostroyer 201
JBF 15-40 Micro IT
JBF 38-50 Micro HD
JBF 38-50L
JBF 100-50L

Intimus 14.87
Intimus 14.95
Intimus 15.50
Intimus 16.50
Intimus 16.86
Intimus VZ14.00/4
Intimus VZ14.00/5
Intimus VZ17.00
Intimus VZ18.00
Intimus VZ28.35
Intimus VZ35.35
More shredders
Martin Yale 1000
Martin Yale 2000
Martin Yale 3000
Martin Yale 5000
Intimus 007S
Intimus 007S30
Intimus 802CC
Intimus Packmaster
Intimus Packmaster Desktop
Intimus Pharma ScriptStroyer