Ensuring your Security Integrity with IT-media destruction

With the current Cyber age of information technology, preventing the interception of data assets by shredding your personal or company information has become a matter of necessity. Current cyber and national security breaches, industrial espionage and identity theft can have devastating consequences. MultiShred provides the safest and easiest solution for hardware and data destruction, minimizing the risk of identity theft and downstream implications.

For over a decade, MultiShred has been committed to bringing secure shredding solutions to individuals and departments, with shredding management services that virtually eliminate the risks and dangers associated with inadequate shredding and disposal of electronic media assets.


Certification and regulations

Due diligence is key. Ask your vendor who are the security regulators of their industry and which guidelines they are abiding by for your destruction services. Federal Guidelines exist for destruction of Federal IT-media and is regulated. For companies that are approved they can provide you with their certificates, request that your potential shredding company provides you with their appropriate certificates and then verify it with the appropriate security agencies.


Approved destruction companies will also have a letter from the the agencies that have cleared them indicating what what type of material they are approved to destroy and to what security level. Ask for a copy of that letter to ascertain the legitimacy of the company’s claims of approval.

NMSO for Paper and IT-media shredding services

There is an NMSO for Paper Shredding to Protected ‘B’ level ONLY as part of a larger storage contract. However, there is NO standing offer through the Government of Canada to shred IT-Media of any type. To confirm this, contact your Departmental Security Officer (DSO) or CISD-PWGSC for confirmation.


Multishred’s shredding services provide advanced technologies to destroy any type of information bearing media to any security level. Government departments, corporations, military agencies, legal firms, hospitals, banking and insurance as well as private enterprises and individuals all have the need to protect their information property. Whether you have Controlled Goods, expired servers, computer drives, Blackberry’s, routers, fax/copier built-in drives, backup tapes, microfiche, film or documents. Multishred can destroy these items eliminating liability, ensuring your company’s reputation, integrity and security of information.


Secure practices

Guidelines for shredding states that mobile shredding at the side of the road is not a secure practice for shredding. The best practice is that the material is sealed and escorted directly to an approved secure destruction plant such as Multishred. This ensures that media doesn’t end up being improperly destroyed, misplaced or operators distracted from their work and delays due to equipment malfunction. Destruction should also be witnessed to assure the destruction takes place, and is done to the required security level.


MultiShred treats your sensitive information with care… easily, quickly and most importantly, securely. Whether you are a professional in an office or individual at home, MultiShred IT Data Shredding services can bring added security to your media information.

  • Servicing Government, Corporate, Home Office and Individual clients.
  • Shredding and recycling of digital media items such as magnetic media from computer hard drives, fax/copier hard drives, servers, laptops, routers. Magnetic tape from DLT, DAT, reels, cassettes, magnetic cards. Optical Media from CD’s to DVD’s. Miniature drives/flash devices. PDAs, Blackberry’s, iPhone to Palm Pilot and more.
  • Multishred employees are the most highly security screened employees in the industry.
  • Service second to none, save time, money and risk with same day services.
  • Shredding of any formatted digital data information into harmless material.
  • Shredding of lab prototypes, beta products, obsolete products into harmless material.
  • Reduces your IT staff workload and expenses.
  • Shredding of single items to large quantities.
  • Regularly scheduled pickups or as needed purging.
  • Locked collection containers.
  • Approved by PWGSC for the destruction of Controlled Goods.
  • 3R’s program in effect, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Destruction services for Government: Call for details.

To find out more about highly effective shredding programs to destroy IT media, please contact us at or Telephone 613-226-6758.IT Data Shredding