Reducing vulnerability


Whenever documents leave the building a security breach can occur. At Multishred we reduce the risk, vulnerability and liability. Security is only as good as your security-screened employees and those that follow the new Federal Government developed destruction guidelines. Our employees are security screened and have a security background check done by the Federal Government and are fully insured. Multishred destruction processes are certified to meet stringent destruction guidelines. Just using any shred company may raise the level of risk of document destruction.


Unlike “bonded” employees, Multishred employees are the most highly security screened employees in the industry. The Document Custody is guaranteed given the high security standards that we use to hire and methods used to process materials.


Plant based vs. Mobile services

MultiShred offers a secure plant based solution for your shredding needs. Security should not be a matter of convenience, Mobile shred services typically only have one person that drives, picks up and shreds material. Mobile services processes your material on the sidewalk in high traffic areas open to public as well as the wind and weather. The witness is also outside to witness the destruction, regardless of the weather if witnessed at all. Multishred pickups and drives directly to the plant and processes immediately and we have a shredder to handle any type of media. Witness may accompany shipment and witness the destruction. A Certificate of Destruction is issued to the witness after destruction is completed.


Best environmental practices – The 3R’s

At Multishred we believe in the 3R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. We are doing our part to reduce noise, air pollution, traffic congestion and the carbon footprint. Materials are diverted from landfill by using extensive recycling programs.


Carbon foot print – Plant based vs. Mobile services

MultiShred offers a secure plant based solution with state-of-the-art energy efficient shredders which do not emit emissions.


We assign the size of vehicle to the scale of the project to be picked up. Unlike mobile shred companies, we don’t have trucks idling, leaking hydraulic fluids or operating at the side of the road. Mobile trucks’ have a large carbon footprint which impacts the environment, causing air, water and noise pollution as well as traffic congestion.


Multishred; 0% Emissions – 100% Secure.


Certification and regulations

Ask your vendor who are the security regulators of their industry and which guidelines they are abiding by for your destruction services. Federal Guidelines exist for destruction of Federal documents and is regulated. For companies that are approved they can provide you with their certificates, request that your potential shredding company provides you with their appropriate certificates and then verify it with appropriate security agencies.


Approved destruction companies will also have a letter from the the agencies that have cleared them indicating what type of materials they are approved to destroy and to what security level. Ask for a copy of that letter to ascertain the legitimacy of the company’s claims of approval.


NMSO for Paper and IT-media shredding services

There is an NMSO for Paper Shredding to Protected ‘B’ level ONLY as part of a larger storage contract. However, there is NO standing offer through the Government of Canada to shred IT-Media of any type. To confirm this, contact your Departmental Security Officer (DSO) or CISD-PWGSC for confirmation.


Multishred’s shredding services provide advanced technologies to destroy any type of information bearing media to any security level. Government departments, corporations, military agencies, legal firms, hospitals, banking and insurance as well as private enterprises and individuals all have the need to protect their information property. Whether you have Controlled Goods, expired servers, computer drives, Blackberry’s, routers, fax/copier built-in drives, backup tapes, microfiche, film or documents. Multishred can destroy these items eliminating liability, ensuring your company’s reputation, integrity and security of information.

Secure practices

Guidelines for shredding states that shredding at the side of the road is not a secure practice for shredding. The best practice is that the material is sealed and escorted directly to an approved secure destruction site. This ensures that documents don’t end up blowing away or operators are distracted from their work. Destruction should also be witnessed to assure the destruction takes place, and is done to the required security level.


At Multishred, all documents are shredded immediately upon arrival and the customer has the choice to have it sent to recycling or landfill. All paper documents are destroyed using Government approved crosscut (confetti) shredders that meet the new Federal Government shredding guidelines.

  • Servicing Government, Corporate, Home Office and Individual clients.
  • State-of-the-art shredding services for: Paper Documents, Passports, Photos, Microfiche, Computer Printouts, Architectural Drawings, Slides, Overhead Presentation Slides, DRS Printer Ribbon, Computer Media and more.
  • Destroy any media or document information into harmless material.
  • Service second to none with rapid shred scheduling services.
  • Regularly scheduled pickups to purging.
  • Recycling programs in effect.
  • Destruction services for Non-Government: Confetti Cross-cut particle.
  • Shredding services for Government departments: Protected A, B and C – Confidential to Secret.
  • Detailed Destruction Certificate.
  • Identity theft protection analysis.
  • Locked console bins with regular scheduled pickup service.
  • Single bankers box to bulk purging services.
  • Witness the complete destruction.
  • Servicing Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.
  • Quick and responsive appointments.

Call (613) 226-6758 or email us at: to receive more information on the shredding guidelines or for a quote on secure shredding services.

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