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Multishred reduces your vulnerability

Employees and security
Whenever documents leave the building a security breach can occur. At Multishred we reduce the risk, vulnerability and liability. Security is only as good as your security-screened employees and those that follow the newly developed Federal Government destruction guidelines. MultiShred Employees handling your material have had a security background check done by the Federal Government and our destruction processes are certified to meet Federal Government destruction guidelines. Just using any shred company may raise the level of risk of document destruction. Unlike most other competitors that use “bonded” employees, Multishred uses employees with security cleared background check, providing the most highly screened in the industry. Therefore, Document Custody is ensured given the high security standards that we use to hire employees and methods used to process classified material. Learn more >
Strip-cut, cross-cut and Shred size
When inquiring about vendors capabilities an important item to consider in your final selection is the size that your document will be shredded down to. There are many different sizes and every vendors capability is different from the other vendor. One vendor may only do a “Strip-cut” and another a “Confetti-cut” or also known as “Cross-cut” and the size of each may vary. Documents that are shredded to a “Strip-Cut” are very easy to piece together the information where as a Confetti-cut or Cross-cut will be shredded into a variety of different sizes which is more difficult to piece together the information. Ask your vendor for the dimension that they will shred your documents as well a sample and compare that sample to the material that has been shredded for your project. It should be identical in size to your sample or the dimension that they indicated. If you received a Cross-cut sample from your representative and your shredded material resembles a Strip-Cut, then you have not received the higher level of secure shredding. Size matters and is it is important to compare apples to apples. Learn more >
Patriot act and Canadian privacy
They are many articles that pertain to this Patriot Act and the controversy towards section 215 which could allow U.S. intelligence agencies to obtain personal information about Canadians from U.S. companies with offices in Canada, or from U.S. companies in the United States who hold personal information of Canadians due to outsourcing contracts. Consider the implications of the US Patriot Act before giving your documentation to a non-Canadian firm. Due diligence is required. Learn more >