Shredding Services


MultiShred shredding services – ensuring your security and integrity


If its Data, we destroy it and more! Multishred reduces your risk of data interception with full service capabilities for your disposition management. Any type of information, whether it resides on computer disk drives, android phones/cellphones, backup tapes, CD ROMs, thumb drives, scrap paper, documents and other items such as proprietary items thoughtlessly thrown into recycling or the wastebasket is a security breach and can be useful to others and damaging to your organization with liable consequences.
Reduce your risk with MultiShred destruction management services. Secure shredding of any type of data from Computer IT Media, Uniforms/textiles to Paper Documents. Providing shredding solutions for your entire project, whether you require personal house hold shredding or vast skids of material; no project is too small or too large.
For personal use or for your entire department the complete protection of your business interests can be achieved through the use of MultiShred’s shredding and recycling services.

  • Servicing Government, Corporate, Home Office and Individual clients
  • State-of-the-art services for Paper Shredding and Shredding IT Media: Magnetic Media from computer hard drives, servers, laptops and photocopier hard drives. Magnetic Tape from DLT, DAT, reels, cassettes, magnetic cards. Optical Media from CD’s to DVD’s. Miniature thumb drives/flash devices. PDAs, Blackberry’s, Android’s and more.
  • Shredding of textiles such as uniforms
  • Recycling of post shredded paper and IT material
  • Security approved equipment and processes
  • Security screened personnel
  • Detailed Destruction Certificate
  • Identity theft protection analysis
  • Secure paper/data collection consoles
  • Single box to bulk purging services
  • Regularly scheduled pickup services
  • Witness the complete destruction
  • Servicing Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec
  • Quick and responsive appointments

We follow the new shredding guidelines for paper and IT-media as established by the Government of Canada security agencies. For a copy of the current guidelines, or to discuss your secure shredding needs, please contact us at 613.226-6758 or

NMSO for Paper and IT-media shredding services

There is an NMSO for Paper Shredding to Protected ‘B’ level ONLY as part of a larger storage contract. However, there is NO standing offer through the Government of Canada to shred IT-Media of any type or to any security level. To confirm this, contact your Departmental Security Officer (DSO) or CISD-PWGSC for confirmation.


Multishred’s shredding services provide advanced technologies to destroy any type of information bearing media or materials to any security level. Government departments, corporations, military agencies, legal firms, hospitals, banking and insurance as well as private enterprises and individuals all have the need to protect their information property. Whether you have Controlled Goods, uniforms, expired servers, computer drives, Blackberry’s, Android’s, routers, fax/copier built-in drives, backup tapes, microfiche, film or documents. Multishred can destroy these items eliminating liability, ensuring your company’s reputation, integrity and security of information.

PIPEDA, more than just shredding paper

Good governance requires PIDEDA compliance. With the new Personal Information Protection & Electronic Document Act, data protection has become, by necessity, an integral part of every organization. The act states that all information, whether stored on IT digital media or paper must be destroyed when the information is no longer required.
Secure your risk of data interception with Multishred’s ability to securely destroy not only paper but also sensitive information on hard-drives, backup tapes, video cassettes, circuit boards, floppy disks, CDs DVDs, Thumb Drives, Blackberry’s, Android devices and more. Multishred ensures full PIPEDA compliance with shredding and recycling programs. A Certificate of Destruction is issued with every project.


Before shredding your documents, legally you must retain your documents for 6 years, plus the current year.

Exclusive Goods for Destruction

If you have certain types of proprietary items and are not sure who is approved to securely shred you material, MuliShred is capable to properly shred the various types of data from Computer IT media to Paper Documents, textiles and more.