About Us


We approach our clients with integrity and trust in mind.

Multishred Inc. provides innovative solutions to destroy your classified information. Many business sectors rely on our services for their utmost security requirements. We provide professional business solutions and reliable support that meet the needs of a wide range of sectors; including government, legal, high-tech, medical, industrial, educational, commercial sectors and household clients.


Our innovative solutions are being implemented by an increasing number of clients. Our approach is to understand our client’s objectives, values and budget to create a solution that meets their requirements. We help our customers to achieve these results by consulting, creating, and implementing a wide range of business solutions. Our customers rely on the technical expertise, innovative products and outstanding client services that MultiShred offers.


To discuss your shredding and equipment needs, please contact us at 613.226-6758 or info@multishred.com.QR-20140426145452 multishred